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16,00€ 13,00€
Remo 10'' Silent Stroke Mesh DrumheadThe Remo Silent Stroke drumheads are mesh practice..
17,00€ 14,00€
ΔΕΡΜΑ 13'' REMO CS-3 CONTROLLED SOUND (ΔΙΑΦΑΝΕΣ ΜΕ ΒΟΥΛΑ)Clear Controlled Sound® drumheads h..
20,00€ 17,00€
Vintage A the head that changed the world in 1957!Constructed of 2-ply 7.5- and 3-mil polye..
22,00€ 17,00€
ΔΕΡΜΑ 18'' REMO BE-1 COATED EMPEROR (ΛΕΥΚΟ ΓΡΕΤΖΟ) Coated Emperor® heads are warmer and more dura..
26,00€ 22,00€
Dw's patented "delta" bearing hinge is one of the smoothest hinges available for your ..
65,00€ 55,00€
DW SM102 Large Felt BeaterA durable larger sized felt beater that offers a traditional soun..
34,00€ 28,00€
LP1623 LP Sound Enhancer, SnareMore than ever, drummers are experimenting with new and unique s..
25,00€ 20,00€
Small 9.5mm L-Rod Tom/Cowbell attachment arms fit directly in multiclamp. 12mm x 9.5mm diameter 3.5 ..
11,00€ 9,00€