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Ωτοασπίδες Alpine Earplugs PartyPlug Pro Natur..
38,00€ 32,00€
Heavy duty DW drop clutch with locking bottom nut. Quick release mechanism enables you to switch you..
43,00€ 38,00€
LP592A-X LP Mic Claw Ensures solid placement of mics on snares, toms & congas ..
59,00€ 49,00€
Roland RT-30H Single Drum TriggerPRO PERFORMANCE FOR HYBRID DRUMMING With exceptional trigg..
73,00€ 59,00€
DW SM934 Cymbal Arm LongThe Drum Workshop DWSM934 boom arm fits any V-clamp or accessory cl..
98,00€ 79,00€
DPD-2.2 Series 6 DrumCraftAluminium floor stabiliser Double tube frame, black, powder coa..
140,00€ 119,00€
Gibraltar 4711SC-DB Double Pedal ChainThe 4711SC-DB Gibraltar bass drum pedal is simple and..
199,00€ 179,00€
Pearl P-932 Double Bass Drum PedalThe Demonator is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a D..
259,00€ 215,00€
PDP Concept Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal PDDPCXFDThe PDP Concept Series Direct Drive..
280,00€ 229,00€
9811SGD-DB Stealth G Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal GibraltarThe Gibraltar Stealth G-Drive Double..
440,00€ 369,00€